Youth Homelessness Matters

SHG is proud to stand up and support Brisbane Youth Service to help raise awareness for Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2021.

Youth homelessness is at crisis point. 19-24 year olds experience the highest rates of homelessness in Australia where on any given night 28,000 young people are homeless. However, organisations like BYS are doing vital work to support vulnerable young people experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless.

We are passionate about the work we do in the affordable housing space – believing wholeheartedly that all persons – and importantly youth – deserve to have stable and secure accommodation to call home.  We recognise that it is far more than just providing a roof over a head – but critical in helping youth overcome a range of barriers and make positive choices towards achieving a happy and fulfilling life.

In February of this year we were proud to partner with BYS through their Furnishing Young Futures initiative – designed to support young peoples’ transition to safe and stable accommodation at Brisbane Housing Company’s Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba project.  We joined BYS and Brisbane Housing Company – together with other corporate partners – to purchase furniture, white goods and soft furnishings for 5 units which will be held specifically for the purpose of providing safe, secure and affordable housing for young people. A team from SHG had a whole lot of fun participating in the BYS Partners’ Day – an opportunity to help put the finishing touches on the units in readiness for their new young residents.  The housing opportunity at Cornwall Street will indeed be life changing for these young people.

Now – amidst Australia’s housing crisis  – we need to support youth homelessness – it matters! Find out more how you can support BYS support vulnerable young people.

Members of our team joined with Brisbane Housing Company and Brisbane Youth Service to help furnish an apartment at BHC’s affordable homes project at Cornwall Street, Woollongabba.
BHC’s development at Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba provides 32 much-needed affordable homes for those in housing need