SHG Director Alasdair Begley Presenting at the National Surveying and Spatial Conference

Saunders Havill Group Director and Cadastral Surveyor Alasdair Begley will be presenting at “Locate14”, Australia and New Zealand’s premier national spatial information conference and exhibition. Mr Begley will be presenting “The DCDB Is A Disruptive Innovation And Why Surveyors Should Embrace It.”

Presentation Abstract

As consumption of digital spatial information increased, digitised representations of the cadastre, or digital cadastral databases (DCDB), emerged. These initial representations were a ‘best fit’ compilation designed for use by government authorities as an administration tool only. Now however, the use of these datasets as cadastral bases is widespread in corporate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and more recently available to all as open source data through initiatives such as Queensland Globe. Surveyors, as high demanding users of the cadastre, observe and communicate the impediment that positional uncertainty provides on the use of these DCDB as decision making tools.

Somewhat concerning for the profession then, is the fact that a DCDB is a textbook example of disruptive innovation. It meets the needs of low demanding users and due to ease of access and network externalities is on a steeper trajectory of take up compared to that of the actual cadastre. This paper analyses historic and current examples of disruption in other industries and hypothesises on a point in the near future when the DCDB will intersect with the utility requirements of the high demanding users. The paper then explores the opportunity presented by that intersection and how the surveying professional – as the expert on: the cadastre, geodesy and the collection and maintenance of spatial data – is best placed to continue as custodian of any new digital cadastre.

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