Quality Assurance

Saunders Havill Group views Quality Assurance as a philosophy for proven good management practice.

In-house systems have been refined, continually updated and documented to produce a Quality Management System (QMS) independently certified for all business disciplines to ISO 9001:2015. Saunders Havill Group seeks to provide services where quality is so high and consistent that it constitutes a strongly competitive reason for purchase, now and in the future.

All reports and related material produced for clients are managed via the QMS. Reports are always checked and certified for client issue by a second person independent to the author. Systems are in place to ensure this checking mechanism is undertaken prior to issue. PRO-018 Land and Property Searches Procedure documents the undertakings required for adequate and structured planning and preparation for a report. All reports and plans are produced as per the documented procedures in PRO-023 Professional Advice and or Assessment Report Writing.

Saunders Havill Group has a reputation for low error rates on survey plans and is consistently recognised by the Surveyors Board of Queensland for low requisition rates, some of the lowest in the industry. This is an achievement borne via our Quality Management processes. Production of survey products for clients is managed by a framework of interconnected QMS procedures, including PRO-019 Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) Production Procedure, PRO-020 Cadastral Plan Production Procedure, and PRO-021 Construction Survey Procedure. These procedures reference the required checks and balances prior to product delivery to client, including forms requiring completion throughout the production sequence. All survey fieldwork is supervised by senior cadastral surveyors from issue of instruction, undertaking of field work, in-office checks and the ultimate production of survey plans as required.

Continual improvement is a key pillar of Saunders Havill Groupu2019s Quality Management System and regular internal audits are undertaken across the business to gauge the health of, and improve upon, quality processes. All elements of the QMS, including forms, procedures and policies are routinely updated to reflect the findings of audits and changes to the macro environment, such as legislative changes.

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