Our People

Andrew Blanchard

Senior Draftsperson

Curriculum Vitae

Andrew joined Saunders Havill Group as a draftsperson and GIS operator in July 2007. Prior to this he was employed by the Queensland Police Service where he specialised in the investigation of serious incidents. This role included the use of survey equipment for the mapping of scenes and the use of AutoCAD software for the production of drawings for presentation during court proceedings. These plans required meticulous attention to detail in preparation and were presented by Andrew as expert witness testimony during court proceedings.

Since joining Saunders Havill Group, Andrew has worked as a survey assistant, but predominantly as a draftsperson and GIS operator. As a draftsperson, Andrew is a skilled operator of Autodesk products, including AutoCAD and Revit. Andrew produces high quality plans for Saunders Havill Group's surveying, town planning and urban design disciplines. Andrew excels in specialist areas such as the production of 3D volumetric survey plans and the drafting of schematic presentations, which aide critical management decisions. Significant projects include the production of detailed 3D Volumetric Survey Plans for the Eastern and Northern Busways and Airport Link Excision surveys as well as the three dimensional visualisations of the Roma Street Parklands for urban design purposes.

Andrew is a proficient user of GIS software including MapInfo, Global Mapper and ArcGIS. He has produced Declaration Plans utilising external datasets, such as DCDB, SC Roads, Local Government Boundaries and Nearmap imagery. Andrew is experienced in converting data for use within MapInfo from AutoCAD drawing and external datasets.

Andrew is a integral member of the Town Planning and Urban Design departments, producing small to extremely large conceptual and urban design layouts and plan sets to accompany development applications to various local government authorities within the SE Queensland region. He has developed unique competencies and skills which allow him to produced high quality plans very efficiently.

Andrew's attention to detail also see him heavily involved in the QA checking procedures prior to the submission of these development application statistics and associated documentation.

Andrew’s unique and diverse set of skills make him an integral member of The Saunders Havill Group.