Keira Grundy accepted into the Property Council’s 500 Women in Property

Saunders Havill Group is celebrating the acceptance of Keira Grundy into the Property Council of Australia’s 500 Women in Property program for 2018.

Keira is an Environmental Scientist and Environmental Planner, whose skills and interests are focused on sustainable, progressive and functional communities. Keira’s program sponsor, Murray Saunders, values and supports Keira’s contributions and passion to her profession, and is looking forward to the positive opportunities that she will experience from the Property Council’s “500 Women in Property” Program.

Working alongside Keira here at Saunders Havill Group, we are very lucky to have a cohort of women who contribute to the leadership and diversity of our workplace and their professions. As an equal employment opportunity employer, Saunders Havill Group values the contributions of all women working in all of our teams. We are strongly committed to our broader industry’s goal of increasing the number of women working in all roles, and building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Saunders Havill Group congratulates all the nominated women in the program.