Growing for a Cause

This November, Saunders Havill Group are getting behind a cause that aims to ‘change the face of men’s health,’ one moustache at a time, in an effort to raise $5,000 for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for the Movember Foundation.

It is well documented today that men continue to die younger than women, and in most cases it’s the result of preventable circumstances. Despite the efforts of many, men’s health and all too often, mental health and the stigma surrounding it, still remains a big issue in Australian society, and like many workplaces, it is also a real issue for some of us here at SHG.

This year, a passionate group of staff have committed to be Marvellous Mo Men and Women throughout the month of Movember. As a team, we’re committed to not just raising much-needed funds, but shining a light on the importance of mental health (especially in the workplace) and encouraging an environment where dialogue about everyday struggles we might be facing is supported and embraced.

How Will We Make A Difference?

For the Mo Men, we’ll be growing moustaches – in all shapes and sizes with no judgement. And for our Mo Women and Mo Men who do not enjoy the furry upper lip, they’ve committed to Move-ember. In addition, we have organised a number of staff fundraising events across the month to create a space where we can talk, and openly share while raising funds for a worthy cause. Here at SHG we are positively working towards creating an environment in which we are comfortable to openly share and break down the negative stigma surrounding mental health.

SHG’s 2019 Marvellous Mo Men and Mo Women

In addition to the above, as team captain in 2019 and with the support of management, I’ll be wearing a ‘vibrant’ Trademutt shirt every workday throughout the month of Movember. These shirts are loud and colourful and are intended to be conversation starters.

Trademutt is a local Brisbane social enterprise started by two tradies, who in 2016 tragically lost a fellow mate to suicide. To feel like they could do something to make a change and start conversations around men’s mental health, they created loud and colourful work shirts that I’ll be proudly modelling everyday throughout Movember. Learn more at

Want To Get Involved?

If you’re keen to get involved, join the movement by growing your own moustache (and remember it isn’t about how impressive your mo is – we can’t all grow impressive stashes like Merv Hughes). However, if growing a moustache isn’t for you, why not try Move-ember by setting a physical activity goal (i.e. walk 60km in the month of November, start training for that marathon, or take the family out for ‘Walkabout Sunday’ adventures); buying a Trademutt shirt to wear and owning it with pride; or set a goal in support of men’s health (i.e. have 5 meaningful conversations per day, sincerely ask one mate each week how they’re doing, share relevant men’s health posts on your social media for the month).

Or Donate Towards Our $5,000 Target

You can get behind our ‘growing for a cause’ and donate to the SHG Movember Team who will be flying the flag with men and women teaming up to make positive changes towards Men’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. A donation as little as $5 (giving up just one coffee during the entire month of Movember), can help save the life of a brother, father, grandfather and mate to somebody you might know. Think of the men you know in your life, and ask if one coffee is worth more than their life…