Changes to BCC City Plan 2014 Biodiversity Areas Overlay Code


Changes to BCC City Plan 2014 Biodiversity Areas Overlay Code

In September 2015, Brisbane City Council announced it would be amending the City Plan 2014. BCC are making changes to a number of areas within the City Plan 2014, including within the Biodiversity Areas Overlay Code. Changes to the code include:

  • Updated vegetation communities;
  • Clarifications to the provisions for development footprint plans to ensure appropriate design and location relating to High or General ecological significance areas;
  • Clarification of the requirements for areas intended for future revegetation; and
  • Alignment of City Plan provisions with the Environmental Offsets Framework within the Environmental Offsets Act 2014.

BCC on 18th April 2017 released draft amendments for public comment to their Biodiversity Areas Overlay Mapping. These can be viewed at:

Specifically, the Biodiversity Interface Area sub-category is no longer identified as being within the Biodiversity Areas Overlay Code, and the code now provides for matters of Local and State Environmental Significance. The wording surrounding offsets has changed from counterbalancing unavoidable negative impacts to achieving an equivalent environmental outcome where development will or is likely to have a significant residual impact, and offsets will now be provided in accordance with the Queensland Environmental Offsets Framework.

Submissions on the proposed biodiversity mapping changes are open until 5pm, Friday June 2, 2017. If you have any queries or are concerned with how these changes may impact your current or future proposals, or would like further advice on making a submission, please contact SHG.