Brisbane City Plan 2014 Amendments Out for Consultation

Brisbane City Council has recently released two Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan 2014) citywide amendment packages for public consultation.  Amendment Package H –Restricting Townhouses from Single-Home Areas and Amendment J – Increased Car Parking for Suburban Multiple Dwellings.

Brisbane City Plan 2014 currently has provisions that allow Multiple dwellings to be built in the Low density residential zone, where at least 3,000m² and in proximity to public transport and a business centre.

Amendment Package H proposes removing provisions in the Low density residential zone and the Multiple dwelling code that allow for Multiple dwellings to occur on larger, well located sites in the Low density residential zone.  Consequential changes to a number of neighbourhood plans are also proposed to reinforce existing policy and to provide consistency to ensure that Multiple dwellings are not accommodated in the Low density residential zone.

Amendment Package J is designed to change provisions in the Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing (TAPS) Policy to increase the amount of car parking needed in Multiple dwelling developments in suburban areas. Key changes include increasing the car parking rate to 2 parking spaces for 2 and 3 bedroom units and 2.5 parking spaces for 4 or more bedroom units for suburban Multiple dwellings.  Visitor spaces are also proposed to increase from 0.15 spaces per dwelling in the current version of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 TAPS Policy to 0.25 spaces per dwelling under the proposed Amendment J.


Both Amendment Package H and J were issued for public consultation on Monday 29 July 2019 and the period for submitting written submissions to Brisbane City Council will remain open until 5pm Monday 26 August 2019.

If you wish to learn more about the proposed Amendment Package H and J and wish to make a submission or simply wish to understand how they affect your site and want to discuss potential development options, Saunders Havill Group has a team of professional Town Planners that would like to hear from you.

If you would like to learn more please contact Michael Forwood (Director Saunders Havill Group) or Michael Anderson (Senior Town Planner Saunders Havill Group) on 1300 123 SHG or via email at or